"Say Hello to my little friends"

I got these little guys toward the beginning of the 2015-16 school year. They were cute and easy to take care. Very little drama.

Then over President's Day weekend I came back to find my tank was very dirty. After a little bit closer inspection I found it wasn't the case at all - the female had laid a bunch of eggs (150 to be exact).

Needless to say I had to scramble to find information. In the process of doing so I came across a bunch of information. I decided to create a section on my page here for those who may need a quick reference and reminder.

Please note - I didn't write any of this information or record the videos within - I'm just the messenger. As with all information on the web, take with a grain of salt and verify information if you are unsure.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me.

Axolotl Documents

Must use Google Chrome and DRIVE to access